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Friday, 27 June 2014

Go Pink for Summer!

Rose d Anjou IMG_1104 R
Wines chilling for a tasting

Rose Sangria IMG_1559 R
A refreshing summer cooler - recipe further down

I think I'm finally getting the hang of this wine tasting business! After attending a rather fabulous wine tasting event last month, I learned exactly what food would go well with a good bottle of Rosé d'Anjou, and how different a collection of rosé wines from the Anjou region could be.

Rose event IMG_1093 R
Great setting for a party

Along with 20 or so other food and wine bloggers, I went to the rooftop gardens at the Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch, for an evening of wine, food, photography, friends, more wine, a kebab competition, more wine and a sumptuous dessert table. Oh wait... and there was more wine to take home!! Yes, you could say it was the perfect evening for me.

Rose event IMG_1089 R
Canapés - including honey thyme chicken, cuttlefish with chorizo & potatoes, and char-grilled vegetable skewers 

We started with canapés and a tasting of rosé wine whilst waiting for everyone to arrive. The rooftop gardens were decked out beautifully, with fairy lights and colourful decor.

Rose d Anjou IMG_1212 R
Each wine was different in colour and taste

Then we moved on to our wine tasting. Our host for the evening, Douglas Blyde, talked us through five chilled bottles of Rosé d'Anjou, each one tasting very different from the last. I have written some notes on how to taste wine properly in this post.

Rose event IMG_1153 R
Table for photography

For the bloggers interested in food photography, photographer Paul Winch-Furness was on hand to give a short talk on lighting, depth of focus and how to improve our photos in general. There was a table decked out with well-presented dishes of food for those that wanted to have a go.

Seafood kebab IMG_1290 R
Winning kebabs

If that wasn't enough for one evening, we were split into teams (I was with the Pink Bandits - Rosana, Denise, Sophie and Andrew) tasked with making our own kebabs using an array of fresh ingredients including fish, meat, spices, herbs and marinades. Now for the clincher, the team with the best kebab would each win a case of... Rosé d'Anjou! I'm sure you would like to know what goes into a winning kebab right? Well you need scallops, prawns, and salmon, plus onion, red peppers and pineapple. Add a marinade of chilli, garlic, coriander and Thai green curry paste, thread onto sticks and grill! There were a few weird combinations going on from some of the teams, but Pink Bandits came through and won. YAY!!

Rose event IMG_1250 R
Sharing platter

While we were waiting for our kebabs to be cooked for us by the Hoxton head chef, Daniel Ashley, we waded through sharing platters of tempura prawns, courgette, broccoli, carrot, and aubergine; sesame prawn toast; vegetable pakora; shashlik skewers; curried lentil & chickpea sliders; onion bhajis; chicken in a spicy chilli sauce; with nan breads, poppadoms and chutneys to accompany.

Cake Rose event IMG_1280 R
Vanilla cheesecakes

The dessert table included baked vanilla cheesecakes, summer fruit pavlovas, apple tarte tatin, fresh fruit salad with clotted cream and individual white chocolate orange possets.

Rose wine hamper IMG_1438 R
Wine hamper

Loire Valley Wines sent everyone home with a generous hamper, including two bottles of Rosé d'Anjou, a bbq book, sauces and tongs.

Glazed Salmon Kebab IMG_1511 R
Glazed salmon kebabs

We were asked to suggest our own food paring with the bottles of Rosé d'Anjou we were given. I've gone with a summer theme and have made some simple spicy salmon sticks with a cool-me-down mango salsa. My dishes go really well with a glass of La Grille Rosé d'Anjou Gwenaël Guihard 2013, available from Majestic wines £8.49.

Mango Salsa IMG_1533 R
Mango salsa

If you want to serve something even more summery to your guests, try my pink sangria. Made with a bottle of Champteloup Rosé d'Anjou 2013 available from Waitrose £7.99. It's light, refreshing and pairs well with anything you serve outdoors.

Rose Sangria IMG_1539 R

Rosé Summer Sangria
These amounts are just a guide, you may prefer a little more lemonade or to use sparkling water instead. Cut your fruit up if needed, I used melon, blueberries and raspberries.

1 bottle of chilled Rosé d'Anjou
½ pint of chilled sparkling lemonade
1-2 tablespoons cointreau
Summer fruits of your choice
Large ice cubes

Mix all the ingredients in a large jug and add some large ice cubes to serve.

Rose Sangria IMG_1570 R Rose Sangria IMG_1554 R

Here are some more photos from the evening, click for larger views.

Rose event IMG_1135 R Rose d Anjou IMG_1140 R
Rose d Anjou IMG_1252 R Rose event IMG_1125 R
Rose event IMG_1173 R Rose event IMG_1174 R
Rose-event-IMG_1236-R Seafood kebab IMG_1293 R
Rose event IMG_1277 R Rose event IMG_1271 R
Rose event 1
R IMG_1214 ch R

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Disclosure: I was invited to attend the Loire Valley Wines event by Douglas Blyde and Sopexa UK, thank you. All views are my own.
Please drink responsibly, visit Drinkaware for more information.

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Royal Bath and West Show with Barber's 1833

Bath and West Show IMG_1424 R

A few weeks ago, I found myself in rural Somerset at the Royal Bath and West Show. I had been invited by the lovely Barber family to spend the day enjoying the livestock, food, drink and, of course, the cheese of this beautiful area! I certainly wasn't going to miss anything involving cheese, especially when there was talk of a cheese toastie competition using Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar to make the toasties.

Cheese, onion, mushroom toastie
My finished toastie

After spending the morning pottering around the various exhibits and the British Food Hall in particular, I made my way over to the 'British Farming for the Family' tent to meet the other bloggers who would be making their own versions of the humble cheese toastie. I hadn't realised that I would have to go up on a little stage and cook the sandwich in front of an audience, who would then be judging them! But we all had a bit of a laugh because the prep kitchen was extremely tiny, with just a couple of tables laden with the ingredients to make the toasties. I was second up with my creation, which was a caramelised onion, fried button mushroom, 1833 Cheddar & chilli jam toastie. Some of the other toasties included apple & bacon, smoked mackerel & coriander, and Nicky Barber's own creation, which was a good old fashioned cheese and Worcester sauce toastie.

Making cheese toastie IMG_1380 R
Making a winning toastie
There could only be one toastie winner though, and that honour went to Jane who blogs at Fromage Homage, with her excellent Cheddar, caramelised red onion chutney, smoked bacon lardons and watercress toastie. My toastie didn't do as well as I had hoped for (it came last.... shhh) - I guess my chilli jam is an acquired taste, haha!

Cheese tasting IMG_1383 R
A right British cheese tasting

Afterwards, we popped over to the hall where they were holding the British Cheese Awards, and had a very informative talk from one of the top cheese experts, along with a special cheese tasting. Some of my favourites were the Green Thunder, a hard cheese with garlic and herbs, and the Cornish Yarg, a cheese wrapped in nettles. Apparently 'Yarg' is 'Gray' spelt backwards, the family name of the original producer of the cheese.

Here are my photos from the day, click for larger images.

Barbers stand 1 R
Results being announced

Bath and West Show IMG_1366 R
A packed shopping area

Barbers Cheddar at Bath and West Show  iPhone
Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar

British food hall

Barbers mature cheddar IMG_1407 R  Cornish Yarg IMG_1404 R
Mature cheddar & Cornish Yarg

British Cheese Awards IMG_1396 R British cheese awards IMG_1384 R
Cheese for inspection

Bath and West Show IMG_1338 R Bath and West Show IMG_1359 R
I spotted this chipotle chilli salt & some fresh bread

Bath and West Show IMG_1364 R Bath and West Show IMG_1363 R
Other items on sale - the tractor on the left was a little out of my price range!

Cheese toastie making 1 iPhone cheese toastie making 2 iPhone
Making toasties

Bath and West Show 1 iPhone  British cheese awards
Cheese for sale & for tasting

charcoal cheese Bath and West Show 4 iPhone
Cheese made with charcoal & a supreme champion of cheese - Rosary, garlic & herb goats cheese

Morris dancing IMG_1432 R Morris dancing IMG_1430 R
Morris dancing

Bath and West Show 5 iPhone Bath and West Show 3 iPhone
Bath and West Show 12 iPhone Bath and West Show 8 iPhone
Bath and West Show 9 iPhone Bath and West Show 7 iPhone
Bath and West Show IMG_1312 

Disclosure: I attended the Royal Bath and West Show as a guest of Barber's.

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