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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Currys in the Kitchen!

Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0718 R
Table set for #currysinthekitchen event

Being a big fan of kitchen gadgets, I was pleased to be invited to an event showcasing some of the latest kitchen appliances. The evening was hosted by Currys, the electrical store, and was held at a lovely little cookery school in London, the Underground Cookery School. The theme of the evening was making a curry (!) and some pear soufflés, as well as a couple of delicious cocktails.

Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0800 R
Finished chicken curry

It was a busy evening with around 21 food bloggers all snapping away with their phones and cameras. The hashtag for the event (on Twitter and Instagram) was #currysinthekitchen, and many photos were posted during the evening - you can do a search to see them.

Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0735 R Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0740 R
Vegetable smoothies (carrot & ginger, celery & spinach) plus canapes

We were treated to canapes, freshly whizzed vegetable smoothies and flowing glasses of bubbly before splitting into two groups to make the curry and soufflés.

Currys in the Kitchen Event  IMG_0737 R
Part of the kitchen area

After de-boning some chicken legs, we cooked the coconut sauce for the curry. When finished, it was popped into the ovens and we moved on to soufflé making. This involved plenty of egg cracking and whisking, before the mixture went into individual soufflé dishes. Cocktail making followed, caipirinhas and pina coladas - very refreshing! Then it was dinner time, with much snapping and admiring of the food we had made before tucking in.

Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0728 R Currys in the Kitchen EventIMG_0751 R
Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0752 R Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0755 R
Mixing the spices with the fried onions, before adding the coconut milk - the aroma was fabulous!

Currys in the Kitchen EventIMG_0756 R
Add some potatoes & carrots

 Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0770 R Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0773 R
Cracking the eggs and whisking the whites

Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0782 R
Mixture is poured into sugar dusted ramekins

 Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0788 R Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0789 R
The Kenwood kMix blender even crushes ice! Chef Carlos with his creation

Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0803 R
Dinner is served!

Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0811 R
A little eggy for me, but light, airy & well risen

Currys in the Kitchen Event IMG_0733 R
Kenwood kitchen appliances

The appliances were used to make the different parts of the meal, although we didn't actually get to use them ourselves as the pastes and sauces were already made for us!

Currys were very generous and gave away the appliances to happy bloggers who had tweeted and posted the best tweets/photos. I got to meet some lovely new foodies and had a most enjoyable evening.

The Underground Cookery School is available for private hire, hen parties and corporate group sessions, they also have recipes and cooking videos on their website.

Currys have written their own blog post on the evening which you can read here.

bloggers at Currys event
Bloggers in the kitchen!
 Photo credit: Greenlight Digital

Currys in the Kitchen Event
One of my Instagram photos from the night

Disclosure: I attended the event as a guest of Currys, all views are my own.

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