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Friday, 21 December 2012

Easy Prosciutto, Pear and Blue Cheese Party Canapes

Canapes IMG_6427 ch R

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Champagne and macaron event, courtesy of Air France, at the Institut Français in London. It was a weird, but thoroughly enjoyable evening culminating in something rather exciting, which I'll get to in a bit!

spinning wheel IMG_6435 ch R macarons IMG_6433 R b
We were treated to some rather interesting glittery macarons, created by experimental food aficionados, The Robin Collective. The macarons were sandwiched together with several different flavours from around the world, and spinning a large wheel determined which flavoured fillings went into the macs. Mine was a South American chilli chocolate and Far East jasmine tea macaron, other flavours were North American NY cheesecake, Central American vanilla, North African dates, West African cocoa, British strawberries & cream, and of course France's flavour was candied chestnuts (marrons glacés).

Macaron IMG_6438 R flavoured balloons IMG_6428 R

I also got to inhale a creme brulee flavoured balloon, yes really! (I did say it was weird!)

Champagne IMG_6440 R champagnes IMG_6446 R

Then came the Champagne. We were to try 4 different ones and see if we could taste the difference. There was a supermarket own brand (produced to the specification of a major UK supermarket chain), a growers' Champagne (produced by a small family firm), a value for money Champagne (produced by one of the largest co-operatives in the Champagne region) and a grande marque Champagne (produced by one of the leading Champagne houses). Easy? NO!! Nobody got it right. Not one person in that room managed to work out which Champagne was which. But I can tell you that the majority favoured the supermarket own brand, coming in at about £20 a bottle. 

Before the evening ended, there was a raffle - we had been given tickets on the way in. I was standing next to a lovely lady called Laura, who informed me that although she never wins the raffle, anyone standing next to her usually did. The girl to her left won a bottle of Champagne for being the closest in the Champagne tasting, and... yep... I won the raffle which was 2 Air France tickets to Paris! PARIS!!!!! (Weird or what??)

Canapes IMG_6429 R

There was food, delightful little French canapes, including a prosciutto, pear and blue cheese one, which I made at home because it was very good.

IMG_6631 ch R

Prosciutto, Pear and Blue Cheese Canapes
Amounts are a bit vague, it depends on how thin you slice the pear and cut the cheese etc! You could also add some basil or cress leaves if you wanted.

Prosciutto slices
A pear, quite firm and cut into 5mm batons
A couple of ounces of blue cheese

Cut the prosciutto into strips, long enough to roll up and enclose the filling.
Lay a slice of pear and a little crumble of blue cheese onto the prosciutto and roll up, secure with a cocktail stick if needed.

IMG_6647 ch R

flag IMG_6447 R

Disclaimer: I was invited to this event but was not paid or asked to write this post, all views are my own. 
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Unknown said...

Oooh well done! I think I have done ok in draws for trips to France - I won 2 Ryanair tickets about 12 years ago then a caravan holiday at Cybermummy/Britmums conference.

Canapes look very more-ish!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Woo, woo. Congratulations!!

grace said...

flavored balloons?!?! what's next? :)
love your canapes, nic--happy holidays!

Jacqueline @Howtobeagourmand said...

Ha! I'd say that is quite a result Nic! Congrats on winning the trip to Paris.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas :-)

Unknown said...

Wow you get invited to such lovely events. Happy holidays.

Unknown said...

Wow luck you! Looks like an amazing event! Xx

Unknown said...

Wow lucky you! What were the inhalable balloons like?

Anne said...

Congratulations on your tickets! Hope you have a fantastic trip!

The inhaling bit did raise my eyebrows but overall sounds good fun and the canapes look delicious, a lovely combination of flavours

Hazel - Chicken in a Cherry Sauce said...

Wow!! Firstly, the event sounds incredible. Creme brulee balloon air and macarons of the world AND Champagne tasting? Can I come next time please?! Secondly, congratulations on an incredible prize! And finally, awesome canapes. (Only a little bit jealous!)

Maggie said...

You have possibly been to France now:) There are some amazing invitations for bloggers. Loving the canapes too. Belated Happy New Year!

Nic said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments.
No,haven't been to Paris yet, looking forward to going though.
Clare, the balloons were just like sucking on flavoured air!

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