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Friday, 30 November 2012

Diwali Banquet 2012

Bitten by the Instagram bug yet? Yeah, me too! (Although I also love Snapseed and Big Lens as well.) Everyone seems to be snapping their food these days - it's NOT JUST ME!! The great thing is it's instantaneous, take the photo with your phone or iPod and ta-da!

chocolate praline fancies 333
Pecan praline chocolate fancies. Choc + cake = love!

This photo of my pecan praline chocolate fancies won me a ticket to the Diwali Banquet (Festival of Lights), held at Cinnamon Kitchen, London. The banquet is a gala dinner uniting 6 of the country's top Indian (including 1 Mauritian) chefs, in aid of Action Against Hunger, an international humanitarian organisation committed to ending child hunger.

For the competition, which was in aid of the annual Love Food Give Food appeal, you had to snap a picture of your food and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #lovefoodgivefood and a hashtag of one of the three blogs where you read about the competition, in my case it was English Mum's post, hashtag #offthetable, saying what the photo meant to you. There were over 200 entries, so I was thrilled to hear that I was 1 of 3 winners. I decided to buy my husband a ticket so he could go too, it's a great charity to support.

Diwali banquet menu IMG_6039 R

It wouldn't be right if I didn't share the amazing food that was served at the banquet with you. Indian food is one of my favourite cuisines - and this wasn't your average Indian take-away food, believe me! Beautifully presented, every dish had it's own unique flavours, served with Indian wines and beers, it was a delicious night.

This year, the chefs were Vivek Singh and Abdul Yaseen of the Cinnamon Club and Kitchen, Sriram Aylur of Michelin starred Quilon, this year's Masterchef winner, Shelina Permalloo, Head Chef at Benares Sameer Taneja and food writer and broadcaster Anjum Anand.  

Taittinger champagne IMG_6035 ch R

The evening started with a Champagne reception, sponsored by Taittinger, which was accompanied with canapes, from Abdul Yaseen.

Lamb mince kebab wrapped in roomali bread, corander chutney IMG_6026 ch R
Lamb mince kebab wrapped in roomali bread, corander chutney

grilled tilapia IMG_6027 R
Grilled tilapia with coconut & mustard, red pepper relish

Hunter style game fritters with mustard and green pea raita IMG_6024 ch R
Hunter style game fritters with mustard & green pea 'raita'

Indo-Chinese chilli paneer IMG_6028 ch R elem
Indo-Chinese chilli paneer

Then we sat down to a stunning 5 course main event:

Deliicate yoghurt kebab IMG_6043 R
From Anjum Anand, Delicate yoghurt kebab

Duo of black leg chicken IMG_6050 R
From Sriram Aylur, Duo of black leg chicken - chicken sukke with lentil crust and coriander & curry leaf chicken

Vegetarian starter IMG_6048 ch R
The vegetarians had this instead of the chicken dish

Sea bass ki kathi IMG_6066 ch R
From Sameer Taneja, Sea bass ki kathi, Calcutta-inspired sea bass kathi, masala puff, peppers & free range eggs

Tandoor smoked Kentish lamb saddle with saffron sauce and anise pilau IMG_6079 ch R
From Vivek Singh, tandoor smoked Kentish lamb saddle with saffron sauce & anise pilau

Butterflied prawns IMG_6081 R
My husband had this mega prawn dish instead of the lamb

Sauce  and nan breads IMG_6075 ch R
Naan breads with sauce

Check out the dessert!

Tropical tapioca with coconut, rose and palm sugar IMG_6092 ch R

Tropical tapioca with coconut, rose and palm sugar IMG_6093 ch R
From Shelina Permalloo, tropical tapioca with coconut,
rose & palm sugar

Mukhwas shortbread hearts IMG_6104 ch R
From Dhruv Baker, petit fours, pistachio rose & cardamom mini madeleines, mukhwas shortbread hearts

Diwali chefs R
The chefs line up with Action Against Hunger's Executive Director, photo credited with thanks to ©ACF_UK S.Haunstein-Swan

 Live performance from Mitel Purohit and S-Funk IMG_6106 R
A live performance from Mitel Purohit & S-Funk 

Silent auction items IMG_6019 R
There was a silent auction and a raffle

Hardeep Singh Kohli IMG_6087 ch b and w R
The evening was hosted by Hardeep Singh Kohli

Action against hunger poster IMG_6021 R

The Diwali Banquet raised an impressive £33,995 for Action Against Hunger!
Did you know that if you enter a food photo that you took on your phone into the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Food Sn-apping category, £2 will go to Action Against Hunger and you could win £5000?!

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Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

What a great event, amazing cause and such a fun way to raise awareness,

Rosana said...

What a nice prize to win. well done! Nice pics - I've been bitten by Instagram bug too!

Shu Han said...

I get so hugnry lookign at this. I love that you can ghave good food and do your bit for charity too(:

Anonymous said...

Wow... The food looks amazing! I have had many Indian food, but never seen fine dining Indian food. Great presentation!

Choclette said...

What an absolutely fabulous event. Indian cuisine is one of my favourites too, but I've never had anything as fantastical as that. Your fancies look wonderful too. Well done for winning. Although I downloaded instagram onto my phone months ago, I still have no idea what it is actually for or how to use it - doh!

grace said...

i didn't think i liked indian food, but after seeing most of this, my mind has been changed.

A Lady in London said...

Great post! I am now officially hungry :)

Anonymous said...

Just three words from me - Oh My Goodness. This is simply divine. What a feast.

Unknown said...

Looks like an amazing menu! I am crazy about indian food but never blog about it. Now you've reminded me it's Friday and I nearly always make curry on Fridays ;-)

Unknown said...

How lucky are you to have won such a lovely dinner. Awesome.