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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas Ideas from Lakeland

Lakeland IMG_7773 R

Here's a quick round up of what I thought were the best gifts and ideas from the Lakeland Christmas press show. 

Lakeland IMG_7846 R
Cute ideas for Christmassy cake pops

Lakeland IMG_7816 R
And to make those cake pops, a special tin!

Lakeland IMG_7845 R
This must be my favourite thing I saw at the show, cookie cutters in the shape of tree ornaments

Lakeland IMG_7807 Rb
Christmas cake idea, & to flavour the cake, Lakeland sell a large range of different flavoured extracts - I just wish they sold a coconut one!

Lakeland IMG_7826 R
For the breadmaker, liking the look of the proving baskets

Lakeland IMG_7824 R
I thought this sounded interesting - fruity, sweet, 'toast' made to compliment cheese

Lakeland IMG_7823 R
Yes, that is a maple leaf shaped jar - full of pure Vermont maple syrup!

Lakeland IMG_7802 R
Copper tri-ply pans, great for even heat distribution

Lakeland IMG_7811 R
Into baking all things mini-sized? There's silicone bakeware to do it properly!

Lakeland IMG_7834 R
Before you know it, summer will be here again.  Zoku Quick Pop Maker was the big hit this year

Lakeland IMG_7768 R
Awww, gingerbread cookie jar...

Lakeland IMG_7784 R
Colourful selection of cheese plates + knives

Lakeland IMG_7831 R
Extremely sharp Edgeware graters - yes, got one given to me and it... is... SHARP (but grates beautifully!)

Lakeland IMG_7852 R
Chocolate & chilli? You know the answer to that! ;)

Lakeland IMG_7851 R
Yes! You can make soft cheese at home!!

Lakeland IMG_7793 R
Lovely festive table setting. Mr...

Lakeland IMG_7788 R
...& Mrs!

Lakeland IMG_7812 R
More cute cookie cutters

And finally, it's Children in Need this Friday (16th Nov) so run to Lakeland to pick up your all important Pudsey bakeware!

Lakeland Pudsey products IMG_7775 R

Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to write this post, all views are my own.

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Louise H said...

I love Lakeland its one of the shops I'd love to do a trolley dash around :)

Caroline said...

Ah Lakeland, I could (and do...) spend so much money there. It'd be worth getting in touch with them about a coconut flavoured extract - they're good at taking customer suggestions on board and I'm sure you're not the only coconut lover who'd buy it. I sort of wish there was a maple one as maple syrup seems to get lost in baking.

Chele said...

Great post! Pay Day today at long last and I have to admit to a very long shopping list for lakeland already exists ;0)

Deeba PAB said...

This is the best beginning to the holiday season Nic. So much creativity and so much fun baking. Tabasco & Chili? Why does that remind me of you? Beautiful share my friend! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Nic I missed the Lakeland one but the stuff looks great. I love the cake pops ideas! and the gingerbread tins.

Maggie said...

So many wonderful items - those bread proving baskets look tempting.....

grace said...

a ski slope cake--how clever!