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Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Cake & Bake Show

cake IMG_5624 R
Kids' kitchen

Last month I went to the very first Cake & Bake Show which was held at Earls Court, London.

The show was a cake decorator's dream, with many of the stands demonstrating icing techniques and beautiful little fondant flowers/figures etc that you could make or buy for your cakes. There were fewer stands for the baker, I would have liked to have seen even more baking products and tins, especially for the bread and pastry makers amongst us.

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5522 R
Paul Hollywood from The Great British Bake Off

There were demonstrations from the stars of The Great British Bake Off (currently on BBC2), Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, plus appearances from the current contestants. Other big names at the Cake & Bake Show included Richard Bertinet, Eric Lanlard, Paul A Young and Claire Clarke.

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5570 R Cake & Bake Show IMG_5531 R
Baker Brother, Tom Herbert, and French pâtissier, Eric Lanlard

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5592 R Cake & Bake Show IMG_5589 R
Paul A Young giving a chocolate tempering demonstration

Although it was good to see that all the tickets had been sold, it was so crammed with visitors that it was hard to get close to some of the exhibitors' stands. The queues for the loos and food were even longer...  I only managed to do a couple of hours there, not really being one to fight my way around an exhibition hall. One of the other things that I noted was that some people had paid extra for 'master' classes, only to discover that this really only meant that they were entitled to sit down and watch an open demonstration, which anyone could watch by standing just outside the roped off area.

Here are a few photos of some of the wedding cakes and other cakes that I saw:

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5551 R Cake & Bake Show IMG_5613 R
Cake & Bake Show IMG_5612 R Cake & Bake Show IMG_5615 R
Cake & Bake Show IMG_5626 R Cake & Bake Show IMG_5637 R
Cake & Bake Show IMG_5639 R Cake & Bake Show IMG_5547 R 

Cupcake cases, macaron mats, silicone piping bags and decorating paraphernalia:

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5577 R Cake & Bake Show IMG_5579 R
Cake & Bake Show IMG_5631 R Cake & Bake Show IMG_5549 R

Something else I found a little odd, was the 'edible beach' cake competition. Nothing wrong with the competition, all of the cake entries were on show and they were absolutely beautiful, extremely creative and the contestants must have spent hours/days/weeks on them. But WHO won? There were 3 categories, professional cake makers, non-professional cake makers and one for juniors. It was the perfect opportunity for the organisers to promote the next show with the winning cakes on their website and to announce it on Twitter with photos. Instead, just a little link on Twitter to their Facebook page, showing all the photos and if you click on the first 3 cakes, you can see that they are the winners and in which category.

With a few changes, this could be a great show. I hope the organisers are taking notes of all the feedback for next year.
The next Cake and Bake Show will be in Manchester, from the 5th-7th April, 2013. 

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5567 

Some of the edible beach cake entries:

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5564 R

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5555 R

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5562 R

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5565 R

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5558 R

Cake & Bake Show IMG_5560 R
This cake, by Vicky Bedford, was the non-professional winner

bread IMG_5655 R
I bought a fabulous loaf of bread from Flour Power City, an organic bakery

I went to the show as a guest of Renshaw, all views expressed above are my own.

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grace said...

some version of this is what my heaven must be like. :)

Douglas said...

Great photos of the beach cakes.Being Scottish my prayers have been answered in the form of the'fish and chips' made of cake! YaHoo!

Jacqueline @Howtobeagourmand said...

I didn't attend so thanks for posting up some memories of your day. The non professionals have some great creations!

Andrea@Familyconnect said...

Those chips look so real! I don't think I could bring myself to eat a cake that looked so much like fish & chips!!!