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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kent and Sussex Local Food - Taste Festival 2012

Taste Fest 2012 IMG_7976 R

Last weekend I popped along to Bedgebury Pinetum Walled Garden in Goudhurst, to check out the  local Taste Fest 2012 food and drink festival.
The 2 day extravaganza, organised by The Courier Media Group, was for businesses in the south east of England to showcase their food products and services to the public, and to make people aware of where their food comes from. The entertainment included top chefs Jean Christophe Novelli and Nigel Brown, demonstrating dishes cooked with local produce, live music, competitions, childrens' entertainment and a cooking club to encourage budding young chefs.

Here's a few photos of some of the stands:

Taste Fest Lemonade IMG_7973 R
Ice cold lemonade from Gran Stead's, they also make an award winning alcohol-free ginger wine.

Taste Fest 2012 IMG_7970 R
Spice mixes from Bit Spicy, enabling you to make authentic restaurant style curry dishes.

Taste Fest 2012 IMG_7957 R
Bookhams with their fabulous range of cheeses, the Sussex Charmer having a creamy cheddar taste with a bit of a 'zing'! They also offer the only Vegetarian Society Approved Parmesan style cheese.

Taste Fest 2012 IMG_7958 R

A range of fresh sauces for everyday use, from The Versatile Sauce Co, made with locally sourced ingredients.

Taste Fest 2012 IMG_4635 Rb
Owlet Fruit Juices, award winning juices from the Weald of Kent, made from high quality fruit that's been grown in their own orchards.

Taste Fest 2012 IMG_7989 R
Benenden Sauce, from Harrington Foods, is a sweet garlic sauce that is perfect as a salad dressing or marinade.

Taste Fest 2012 IMG_7984 R
Sponsor of the show, Warlingham Wines, offering great wines from around the world at the right price.

Taste Fest 2012 IMG_7980 R
One of the food stalls, Love Crepes - Creperie, with their huge tasty sweet or savoury crepes.

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Monday, 20 August 2012

London Olympics 2012

Olympic stadium IMG_4550 Rb

We spent the last few weeks sitting in the best seats, watching the London Olympics, clutching the TV remote, flicking the channels with Usain Bolt speed, clapping and cheering on every Team GB competitor.

Except for the one day when we dragged ourselves away from the box and headed into London, to the Olympic Park for our glorious Olympic experience.

Like many others, we applied for cycling, rowing, athletics etc.... We got.... handball. I'd never even heard of it... but WE WERE GOING!

Olympic Handball poster IMG_7907 R

Here are some of the highlights of our day:

Olympic volunteer IMG_7894 R
Enthusiasm and excitement was everywhere

Olympics IMG_7895 R
First sight of the park

Olympic park flowers IMG_4440 R
Beautiful wild flowers everywhere

Olympic rings IMG_4486 R Olympics 2012 IMG_4492 R
Olympic rings next to the velodrome

Olympics Orbit IMG_4417 R
The ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture

Olympics water polo IMG_4565 R
Water polo arena

Olympics Velodrome IMG_4461 R
Olympic velodrome

Olympics Gloriana Royal Barge IMG_4438 R
The Gloriana royal barge was moored there during the games

Olympics IMG_4444 R
There was lots of music & entertainment around the park

Police horse IMG_4478
Everything under control

Olympics IMG_7906 R
The shops had loads of cool souvenirs - anyone with a spare baby?

Olympics Copper Box IMG_4453 R 
The outside of the Copper Box, where the handball was held

Olympics Copper Box IMG_4452 R
There were massive letter sculptures spelling RUN

Olympics Swedish supporter IMG_4494 R
Decked out to support his team 

Olympics, inside copper box IMG_7919 R
Inside the Copper Box 

We saw two games, Sweden playing Argentina and Denmark playing Croatia. We had great seats, but were slightly outnumbered especially in the first game when a whole load of Argentina supporters took over the area we were in. They plonked themselves down and persuaded anyone else with those tickets to go elsewhere!

It was NOISY, we had been told that handball was rollocking and audience participation was loud. I can confirm this, and having sat in the middle of the Argentinian quarter, can tell you what it's like to be draped in their flag!

Olympics Handball IMG_7931 R 
Flag moved to the gangway 

Olympics hand ball IMG_4511 R 
The game hasn't started yet...

Handball IMG_7922 R 
Game on - Sweden won 29 to 13

Olympics Hand Ball IMG_4520 R 
I'm under there somewhere...

Tower Bridge IMG_4576 R
We popped along to Tower Bridge on the way home

London did us proud. After all the hype, criticism and negativity, during those few weeks, we showed the world what we can do, and I'm sure it will Inspire a Generation.

If you didn't get to go, try to get tickets for the Paralympics, you won't be sorry.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

French Café Frappé....

....that's Iced Coffee to you and me!
And it's brilliant, especially on a warm, balmy British afternoon.

Iced coffee IMG_4354 R

My son bought a coffee machine a while back and it makes my day when I get offered a frothy cappuccino, and it's better than any you can buy in the cafes. He also found this recipe for French iced coffee via The Guardian and it's good. BUT.... we made it even better. We fiddled around with the recipe until we got the balance perfect (for us). Less sweet, more ice and a tad thinner. The Guardian recipe makes quite a big coffee, we cut the recipe down and made about 2/3 of the recipe which was enough for 2 small iced coffees.

To see the recipe from The Guardian click here - which was originally from Coffee Love, 50 Ways to Drink Your Java by Daniel Young.

French Café Frappé
Makes 1 large frappé or two small ones.

1½ shots of espresso coffee, chilled
6 ice cubes, crushed
35 ml semi-skimmed milk
25 ml condensed milk
25 ml double cream
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
A few drops of vanilla extract, or a slug of any coffee complimenting liqueur- I like Frangelico

Make the espresso and leave to cool, chill until cold.
Crush the ice.
Blend all the ingredients together in a blender until smooth.

Bookmarked recipes logo

This recipe is my submission to Bookmarked Recipes, a monthly challenge, which is being hosted this month by Jac from Tinned Tomatoes (started originally by Ruth's Kitchen Experiments).

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