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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Chocolate, Praline and Ganache Mousse

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Craving chocolate? Then this is for YOU!
It's a little cake/mousse layered dessert with a surprise crunch in the middle. It was created by Hans Schweitzer, head chef at Cotto restaurant in Cambridge, for the TV show Britain's Best Dish: The Chefs.
Although I didn't watch the whole series, this recipe made it to the semi-final and seemed like one I could make at home with just a couple of changes. Everyone raved over it and I'll definitely be making it again.

Chocolate, praline and ganache mousse 3813 R
The crunchy roasted hazelnut discs, waiting for the chocolate ganache mousse

You can find the recipe here: chocolate, praline and ganache mousse.
It consists of 5 easy to make layers. At the bottom is a thin chocolate sponge cake, then chocolate praline mousse, a crunchy roasted hazelnut disc, chocolate ganache mousse, and it's topped off with a chocolate disc.
My changes to the recipe: I left out the cocoa beans in the chocolate sponge layer and didn't use any gelatine or eggs in the praline mousse.

Chocolate, praline and ganache mousse 3841 R

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