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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Cupcakes & Balls

Christmas cupcakes 3492 R
Christmas cupcakes

Last week I was looking around for cake recipes to make something Christmassy, when I came across the Baking Mad website. There were some interesting cupcake recipes and I settled on this chocolate one for my cakes.

Christmas holly cake balls 3508  R

As well as cupcakes, I wanted to make a few round balls and turn them into Christmas cake baubles, for which I used my silicone sphere moulds. If you don't have these moulds, you could make cake 'pops'.

Christmas chocolate snowflake cake ball 3515 R
They won't really hang on the tree, they're too heavy!

Make the cupcakes according to your recipe and/or cake balls. Spread a bit of vanilla butter icing on the top of the cupcakes, or, if you made cake balls, sandwich two halves together with a little of the vanilla butter icing.

Roll out some ready made icing and cut circles to fit the top of the cupcakes. For the balls, you want to brush them with a tiny bit of warmed apricot jam (so that the icing sticks onto the cake) and cut out a larger circle of icing, gently easing it around the cake to cover it.

Decorate with coloured icing cut into holly leaves and chocolate beans, or any other decoration that you want. Dust with edible glitter.

silicone sphere moulds 3562 R chocolate cake balls 3451 R
Chocolate cake balls covered in icing 3453 R Christmas chocolate sponge cakes 3528 R
I made two sizes for the cake balls

Christmas sponge cake balls 3473 R
Some of the Baking Mad recipe ideas were lovely, but I went with my own design in the end

Christmas chocolate cupcake 3500 R
The cupcakes were moist with good flavour

Christmas holly sponge cake balls  3523  R

I'm sending these little treats over to English Mum’s Big Christmas Bakeoff .

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Patricia (La Chatte Gitane) said...

Oh wow ! They look so beautiful !

Finla said...

I am in love with those balls, looks absloutley beautuful;

grace said...

these are prettier than most of my actual ornaments... :)

Anne said...

So pretty! I love the mould for the them too, great idea!

Maggie said...

These look more fabulous than fabulous. Beautifully decorated too.

Lisa said...

As always, so beautiful!

Anh said...

so pretty! perfect mood for the season :)

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I baked these too. Yours look better!

Maria♥ said...

OMG those are just so beautiful!

Happy Christmas to you and yours.


Hazel - Chicken in a Cherry Sauce said...

These are decorated perfectly! The photos are beautiful, especially with the Christmas tree lights in the background.

Vanille said...

Nic, you're so good at crafting those pretty balls ! I imagine them well hanging like a garland ;)
I wish you a great New Year's eve and all the best for 2012 !

Olivia Ashe said...

I love Christmas. Love your recipes and photos. Especially the Bokeh backgrounds ;)