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Monday, 11 April 2011

Dr. Oetker Decorating Products

If you are as hopeless as me when it comes to decorating your cakes and biscuits, it might be time to check out the new decorating products from Dr. Oetker.

Dr Oetker baking supplies 1517 R

A few weeks ago I was sent some of the products to try and I was quite impressed with the range. From mini marshmallows to chocolate flavour writing icing in a tube, there are lots of new items to give your baked goods a bit of pizazz.

I adorned my cupcakes, baked in some very colourful fun baking cases, with the cute wafer daisies, They come in lovely subtle pale colours and would be great for decorating an Easter cake.

Mini flower cupcakes & cases 1704 R

You can't go wrong with chocolate hearts, the packets contain white and milk chocolate hearts and you just pop them out of the case to use.

chocolate hearts 1615 R 1 cake with chocolate hearts 1627 R

Icing in a pouch? Very clever, I'd not seen that before. The pouch comes with 4 different nozzles that screw onto the end of the bag, just squeeze and pipe. These are absolutely perfect for kids to use and have fun with, no mess and so easy! Not for very delicate piping though.

Dr. Oetker icing 1695 R

There are plenty more ideas including colourings, mixes, cute candles, icings & marzipans, plus baking ingredients on the Dr. Oetker website. There is also a Dr. Oetker Facebook page where you can upload your own baking creations and share decorating ideas.

Iced Easter egg biscuits 1689 R

With thanks to Sarah at Brando for Dr. Oetker

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Jocie's Mom said...


Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours said...

What a lot of baking you have been doing!

I love my Dr O stuff!

Maggie said...

That's a lovely bundle of decorating goodies and you have done them proud!
I'm pleased that they keep adding to their range because it can be difficult to buy icing decorations locally.

Su-yin said...

Loving the easter egg cookies! I've found Dr Oetker decorating icing (the ones that come in tubes) very useful when decorating with kids, makes biscuit/cake decorating activities a possibility :)

grace said...

how festive! when they make it this easy, it's hard to find excuses not to decorate! :)

Maria♥ said...

Wow, you lucky girl. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful creations you will make using your new goodies!


Kitchen Butterfly said...

I like the icing pouches best

Unknown said...

Those cookies look very pretty. I like the chocolate hearts too.

Unknown said...

All adorable this brand needs to come to my country. I know a ton of folks who would be interested.