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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fresh Cherry Pie

cherry pie 9195 R

Pitting cherries 9219 R
No, I haven't had a fight with a paint pot, just pitting a cherry!

Pitting cherries 9215 R

It's fresh cherry season and there's nothing better than picking or buying them straight from the farm. Try making a fresh cherry pie, very easy once you've pitted the cherries! If you are using an old fashioned stoner like mine, make sure you wear an apron and some plastic gloves, or you will look like you've been taking part in a fight by the time you've finished!

cherry pie 9157 R
Pile the cherries onto the pastry

cherry pie 9167 R
Serve piping hot or leave to cool

Cherry Pie
Recipe adapted from Recipe Zaar

4 cups of cherries, pitted
1 cup granulated sugar
¼ cup plain flour
½ teaspoon cinnamon
Shortcrust pastry - enough for a 9 inch pie
1 egg for glazing
1 teaspoon demerara sugar to sprinkle on the top

Once you have pitted the cherries, mix in the sugar, flour and cinnamon.

Roll out half the pastry to fit the bottom of a deep, 9" tart pan, I like to line the bottom with some non-stick baking parchment.

Spoon in the cherry mixture and roll out the rest of the pastry to cover the pie. Brush the edges with a little beaten egg to make sure the edges of the pastry stick together. Brush some more egg over the top of the pie, sprinkle with some coarse demerara sugar and cut a couple of vents in the top with a knife.

Bake in a medium hot oven, 180º for about an hour, until the pastry is nicely brown and cooked underneath.

Serve hot or cold, with cream or ice cream.

Printable Recipe

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Another cherry recipe you may like: Black Forest Trifles

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Chele said...

Wow - lots of cherry pie recipes floating about at the mo. Looks great, very tasty.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Yay for cherry season. I usually purchase Bings so not much are leftto make pie after I get hold of them:D Cherry pie is my mom's favourite!!!

Jamie said...

OMG It is gorgeous!!! The pictures are beautiful, Nic! And that pie is perfect! Cherry pie must be one of my 5 favorite desserts of all times and I last made mine with cornstarch instead of flour and is was all runny. Yours is perfect! On my list!!!

Deeba PAB said...

That's a seriously gorgeous pie Nic... love the pictures too. hats off to you for being able to click some while working with these colourful creatures! Gloves and aprons are in order here too! That pie looks sensational!

Janet Rudolph said...

Gorgeous pie, and I'll bet it tastes divine!

Finla said...

I love cherries and at the moment they are every where and this pie just looks so so yumm.

grace said...

cherry massacre! and for good reason--your pie is awesome. :)

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

I find a cherry pitter invaluable, I don't think I'd bother cooking with cherries if I didn't have one. You've reminded me I've not had any yet this year! Great pie, you'll have Julia Parsons chasing you.

Johanna GGG said...

I have one of those cherry pitters and it is one of my favourite implements - so gorgeous and so much fun to play with - the splatter always amused me - never tried a cherry pie but I love the look of this one

chow and chatter said...

looks amazing and your snaps are so much fun

Baking Barrister said...

you're making me want to stop munching on this bag of cherries so I can bake pie tomorrow.

Hazel - Chicken in a Cherry Sauce said...

This has made me want to go cherry picking, pie looks delicious. I love your second photo of the cherry juice and pip, very artistic!

Parita said...

Stunning pictures! Pie looks fantastic!

Katie said...

Wow it looks divine! Beautiful colours and so tasty.

Anne said...

I've never used a cherry stoner, will be careful if I do by the sounds of it! The pie looks perfect Nic, bet it tasted gorgeous too!

nic @ nipitinthebud said...

drool drool drool

diva said...

that pitted cherry got me laughing! loving the pics Nic :D xx

Sylvie said...

Oh yum. That looks delicious. My white wall is still sprinkled with cherry juice from last year's jam making session!

Daily Spud said...

Love the picture of the cherry pitting aftermath! I will now be on the lookout for some fresh cherries and desperately trying to remember where I left my cherry pitter :)

sunita said...

Gorgeous pie Nic; and loving all the photos.Our house is so full of cherries, in fact,am gorging on some right now :-)

Maria♥ said...

Oh my, your cherry pie looks so scrumptious! I would love a slice right now ;o)


Soma said...

Cherries everywhere!! I still cannot have enough of it. Love fresh cherry pie and yours look vivaciously good. Love the picture of the deep red juice oozing over the pie!

Maggie said...

The cherry pie looks very tempting!
I too use an old fashioned cherry pitter, but it still somehow manages to spray my kitchen with cherry juice.

Unknown said...

Come berry season and stone fruit season I am always a little bit envious of you guys in the northern climes:-)I can only dream of pies like these

Unknown said...

Hello! I posted about Cherry Pie today and put a link to this lovely post. Just wanted to let you know! Cheers

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

The cherry pitting photos look great (as does the pie)!