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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Summer BBC Good Food Show - part 2

Here is a small selection of photos, in no particular order (although I am a sucker for cookbooks and kitchenware) from the stands at the Summer BBC Good Food Show. The food part of the show was a bit smaller than last time, but there was an added bonus of a huge gardening and horticultural section, in conjunction with Gardeners World.

gfs 3086
All the cookbooks you could want

gfs 3055
A selection of cookware from Cooking Marvellous

gfs 3046
All natural Cream Cutie

gfs 3111
Crunchy potato crisps from Tyrrell's

gfs 3093
Organic products from Nudo

gfs 3100
Avocado oil from Olivado

gfs 2989
Organic yogurt from Rachel's Organic

gfs 2956
Onion Marmalade from The Truckle Cheese Company

gfs 3032
Organic bread mixes from Glebe Farm

gfs 3011
Handmade cheeses from the Lymn Bank Farm Cheese Company

gfs 3007
Interesting breads from The Continental Bakery

gfs 3039
Blended herbs and spices from Spicentice

gfs 3119
French sausages

gfs 3132
I recognise this muesli from Kellogg's

gfs 3000
Free range eggs from the Cowran Estate

gfs 3049
Selection of pies

gfs 3118
More cheeses

gfs 6179
Kitchen appliances from Miele

gfs 3151
A stand from the gardening section

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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BBC Good Food Show with Miele!

gfs 6264 gfs 3159

I must be one of the luckiest food bloggers around! Due to other commitments, I had missed out on Miele's St. Patricks Day experience back in March, but this was an invitation to go the Summer BBC Good Food Show on a Saturday and I was free! After my fabulous experience last November with Miele, I was really looking forward to going, and it didn't disappoint.

On arriving, we were met and looked after by 3 Miele/Forever Better representatives, who I would like to say a big thank you to, and especially Steph, for all her hard work that went into organising the day.
It was brilliant getting to meet these other food bloggers:
Jules - Domestic Goddess in Training
Celine - Black Salt
Jan - What Do I Want To Cook Today
Naomi - Straight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried
Sylvie - A Pot of Tea and a Biscuit
Sunita - Sunita's World

gfs 6158
A food demonstration by Simon Rimmer

First stop was the Summer Kitchen demonstration by Simon Rimmer. It's interesting to hear the patter and see what the chefs are cooking. I would be extremely nervous, cooking in front of a massive, hungry, foodie audience - but Simon was cool, calm and very funny as he demonstrated his 3 dishes, steak tartare, a fish dish and banana tarte tatin.

gfs 6162
Simon cooked steak tartare

gfs 6161
And fish

Next up was a coffee stop behind the scenes, and a photo opportunity with the top chefs as they relaxed before their turns on the various stages.

hairy bikers, gino and simon 6165
Seeing the gorgeous Gino D'Acampo, Simon Rimmer and the Hairy Bikers, backstage

gfs 3063
Hairy Bikers on stage

gfs 2948
Gino D'Acampo's turn

After lunch, we had time to wander around the stands before we met up at the Miele stand to see the latest in fabulous kitchen appliances.

gfs 6202
Look at those faces - that is serious kitchen appliance envy, from Anne, Naomi, Jan and Sylvie

gfs 6200
Gorgeous kitchen hob, complete with retracting salamander. In the right side of the photo is a fabulous wok cooking zone - the photo below shows the way the hob is indented to hold the wok.

gfs 6201

gfs 6195
Steam ovens

gfs 6193
Range of ovens

Now for the most nerve-wracking and exciting part of the day! All the food bloggers got to cook at the brand new Miele Cookery Experience. Our presenter was Sophie Michell and we made steamed Thai scallops and Thai lemon sole - which was stuffed with crab, then steamed and served on top of a spicy mango salad. The food was from the sponsor Sainsbury's, and it was all cooked on beautiful Miele appliances, including the new steam ovens. We even got to sit down and eat the food at the end!

gfs 6183
The kitchens all laid out, ready and waiting...

gfs 6205
Side view of the kitchens

gfs 6216
The lovely Sophie Michell showing us what to do

gfs 6244
Jules and myself, slicing the mango (thanks for taking the photo Steph!)

gfs 6266
Phew, Jan is smiling - she's so laid back!

gfs 3079
My Thai lemon sole, stuffed with crab, then steamed and served on top of a spicy mango salad

gfs 6276
Sunita's gotta do what a food blogga does best!

gfs 6191
Myself, Anne, Jules, Sylvie, Jan and Sunita - at the end of a super day!

Time for goodbyes and a last look around the show. The traffic was kind and I was home at a reasonable hour, and of course I took my new Miele cookbook to bed, food porn at its best!

Thank you again Steph and the Miele team for a wonderful day out!

gfs 3164

As there are lots of photos, I'm going to do a round-up of some of the food stands and their products in the next post.

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Monday, 8 June 2009

Farmers' Market - Horsmonden, Kent

Horsmonden Farmers' Market farmers' market 2764

This is the first article in an occasional series about the farmers' markets in my area, also highlighting the Local Food Advisor.
Local Food Advisor is a wonderful website with a wealth of information on finding local food in your area of the UK. Just type in your postcode to find your nearest farmer's market, or look for award winning producers, local food restaurants and even vegetable box schemes.

farmers' market 2765

Horsmonden Farmers' Market, Kent is a bi-weekly market that is held on the village green in the spring and summer. During the winter months, the market can be found in the newly renovated village hall.
It was started by three local mums and is now in it's 3rd year. There are around 25 stalls selling local produce, with occasional and seasonal stallholders popping in at various times of the year. There is a great range of produce, including breads, meats, fish and vegetables - there is even a refreshment stand operated by a different local charity every fortnight.
All the produce on the stalls is set on ice to keep it fresh and cool.

For more information on Horsmonden Farmers' Market, visit their website or the Local Food Advisor website.

Here are some of the stalls that I visited and their produce. I've put the stallholders websites where I can, but some stalls haven't got theirs up and running yet.

asparagus bunch 2804 R

farmers' market 2757
First stop was the Birchden Farm asparagus stall. Just a week or two left in the British asparagus season so I made the most of it and bought a large bunch of the thin stemmed asparagus.

farmers' market 2766
Free range organic eggs.

farmers' market 2761

green tea 2841 R green tea 2850 R
Of course the tea isn't locally grown, but the Revolution Tea company is just in the next county of E. Sussex. The tea bags are re-useable, made from 100% biodegradable infuser bag, filled with full-leaf teas. You can get 3-4 cups of organic tea from them. I bought a box of the green tea.

farmers' market 2768

farmers' market 2767
Fresh fruit and vegetables from Market Gardener

farmers' market 2770
A selection of Mediterranean olives, consisting of garlic with herbs and chilli, semi-dried tomatoes, artichokes, antipasto, smoked chilli jelly, rose harissa and pesto, from Milbank Olives.

farmers' market 2771
Traditional top quality beef, lamb and pork from Farmer Palmer's Products.

farmers' market 2772

farmers' market 2775
If I had to choose a favourite stall it would be Stratta. I could spend a good hour trying all their special fruit vinegars and oils. They are a lovely luxury, and once you have tasted them, you won't be going back to the supermarket stuff. I particularly like the raspberry vinegar, but they are waiting for this season's raspberries to make the vinegar, so I chose the morello cherry one. It is fabulous! You can actually taste the fruit in these vinegars and you also get a leaflet full of recipe ideas.
As well as sweet fruit vinegars, Stratta also produce fruit balsamics, savoury vinegars, herb infused oils, preserves, and ready-made dressings.

farmers' market 2783

farmers' market 2784
Next stop was David Westphal's 'Scrumpy Sussex' Traditional Cheese Dairy.

farmers' market 2787
Traditional smoked meats, game and fish - from VJ Game.

farmers' market 2790

farmers' market 2797
Fresh fish from Lee's Fish Tank, mainly selling locally landed fish from Rye Bay.

farmers' market 2791
Posh Puds, a great selection of home made puddings, cakes, savoury tarts, pizzas and pies.

farmers' market 2799
Fresh organic produce from Chun Farm, which is a Soil Association farm in Horsmonden. They specialise in a wide variety of organic salad vegetables, soft fruit, herbs and Kentish cobnuts, when in season.

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