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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tango with a Mango

I'm in love! I've fallen for a beautiful lip smackin', thirst quenchin' mango sorbet!

Ever since I caught sight of the sorbet, on Cynthia's Tastes Like Home, I knew it had my name on it. Tropical, sensual and luscious - I had to have it. The recipe had been within my grasp all along, I just hadn't realised. With sweaty palms and trembling fingers, I turned to page 108 of The Perfect Scoop.

It smiled at me, I licked my lips.... it was mine.

Mango Sorbet 3585

It can be yours too...

Mango Sorbet
Adapted from The Perfect Scoop

2 large, ripe mangoes (2lbs)
2/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup water
4 teaspoons fresh lime juice, plus more to taste
1 tablespoon dark rum, plus more to taste.
Pinch of salt

Peel the mangoes and cut the juicy flesh from the stones.

Cut the flesh into chunks and put them in a blender, along with the sugar, water, lime juice, rum and the pinch of salt. Squeeze any remaining juice out of the mango and add it to the blender.

Puree the mixture until smooth. Taste the mixture and add more lime juice, or rum, as required.

Chill the mixture thoroughly before churning in your ice cream maker, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Put the sorbet into a freezer-proof container and pop into the freezer.

(Printable Recipe)

The mango sorbet photo is my very first entry into 'Click' a monthly theme-based photography contest hosted by Jugalbandi. This month’s theme is: YELLOW for Bri
It's a special edition in honour of Briana Brownlow - read about the fundraiser here.


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Maria♥ said...

This looks so good and something I would also love (I love mangoes!!). I have The Perfect Scoop, great book!


Patricia Scarpin said...

It looks wonderful, Nic - a great choice!

LyB said...

I love the photo Nic, it's so colorfully yellow! And I have to use my ice cream maker a lot more. :)

grace said...

words that spring to mind: refreshing. delicious. tart. must. have. now.

looks, sounds, and is surely fabulous!

Raquel said...

Wow, Nic, that looks scrummy! And sooooo easy! Great photo.

Anonymous said...

I have mangoes everyday and this recipe sounds delicious!

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

This does look amazingly refreshing. The sorbet would have me doing the mango tango!!

bee said...

drool-worthy. thank you.

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

i'm not a big fan of the mango texture but in sorbet is delicious. naturally so sweet... great shot!

Sylvie said...

That looks and sounds wonderful!

Susan Morris said...

Oh, I love mango's one of my favorite fruit.

test it comm said...

That mango sorbet looks so good!

Susan @ SGCC said...

The sorbet looks great and your photo is awesome! I really love it!

Jan said...

Looks lovely Nic - I love mangoes!

Arundathi said...

that looks absolutely delicious!

Jeanne said...

Oh WOW! I love mango sorbet - it is one of my benchmarks to test whether a gelateria knows what it's up to (the other being pistachio ice cream). This looks perfectly glorious - and so glad to see you supporting the special CLICK event for Bri :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sorbet! The color is stunning and it's really as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the mouth...

Maggie said...

The bright yellow sorbet reminds me of 'summer'.
Wonderful photograph Nicisme.

Deeba PAB said...

You have a winner Nic...stunning sorbet & stunning picture too. What a beautiful & refreshing entry for CLICK!

Homemade Heaven said...

you make me long for summer again, and winter has just started!

Nic said...

Maria - thank you!

Patricia - thanks!

LyB - I'll be expecting to see some ice cream recipes on your blog shortly, lol!

Grace - I do hope you are talking about the sorbet, ha ha!

Raquel - thank you so much!

Nadia - hi there! Welcome and thanks!

Valli - I wonder how the 'mango tango' goes? I'd love to see you do it!!

Bee - thank you!

Aran - I know what you mean about the texture, it's not noticable in an ice cream!

Sylvie - thanks!

Sue - it's very refreshing!

Kevin - it was very nice!

Sticky - thank you so much!

Jan - thanks, I quite like them too!

Arundathi - welcome and thanks!

Jeanne - I really like pistachios ice cream too, thanks so much!

Ann - it has the dribble factor!

Passionate Beker - thank you my friend!

Rose&Thorn, hello - welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for your comments!

Arundathi said...

thanks for dropping by... love your blog and love the yellow!

Anonymous said...

I love your tango with mango:) I mean, great looking dessert! What a lovely color. the taste must be heavenly!

Rosie said...

Your tango with mango is a real winner Nic!! I have the "The Perfect Scoop" great book :)

Rosie x

Chris Bird said...

For those of us who don't have ice cream makers, I propose using Heston Blumenthal's technique of using dry ice to freeze the ice cream (or, presumably sorbets). In a cooking contest a couple of weeks ago I made a caramelized onion ice cream (we had to use onions in every course!). In the 90 minutes we had to cook, you don't have time to caramelize the onions and freeze ice cream the conventional way. So here is a link to the page that had the contest. The last entry is the ice cream!

The measures are all US, but they aren't very precise - no real need to be.

Nic said...

Arundathi, Farida and Rosie - thanks!

Chris - thanks so much for stopping by! I will definitely take a look at your interesting sounding onion ice cream.
Over here (UK) dry ice is quite hard to come by (unless you are in the industry) and needs special handling. I wouldn't recommend it to the typical home cook unless they know what they are doing with it.