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Monday, 9 July 2007

Weekend To Remember

So it's not food, but, how often can you say that the Tour de France came through your village?
During its lifetime, it has only crossed the channel three times and two of those have been through the town/village where we live. Last time was 1994, we were living in a small Hampshire town when the Tour flew through.
This weekend saw a return to England and it came through our village in Kent.
There was a wonderful atmosphere and even though the cyclists, 189 of them, had been and gone in a matter of minutes, we will remember it for a long time to come.

bike 9 bike5
Going through our village

bike1 bike3
And a couple taken at the prologue, which we went to in London, on Saturday 7th July

My 13 year old son took this one of Denis Menchov - isn't it great? (Maybe I should get him to take the food pics!)


Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures Nic! I only managed to snape one really good one, although I did get some film of the whole group of them coming through Brenchley! Wasn't it a great feeling to be able to witness something like this so close at hand! (I stil havent' been able to post any more than one photo on my food blog??? Don't know what I am doing wrong!)

Celia Hart said...

Fastastic pictures of the Tour de France - especially the last one - brilliant photo!
and the sun shone too - hurrah!

I love chocolate too - my favourite is Montezumas which is made in Sussex. I'm learning to love Chiles, in France earlier this year I discovered the Basque piment d'espelette. It's just the right sort of heat for me, I now sprinkle some of famous Sakari seasoning onto everything!

PS: They even make piment d'espelette chocolate!

Nic said...

Marie - glad you enjoyed the tour going through your village, it certainly was an experience!

Hello Magic Cochin - love the name!
Thanks for visiting. I just discovered chilli chocolate thanks to a friend who sent me some and that seasoning sounds awesome!