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Friday, 8 June 2007

In search of the perfect....

cake sponge1

....fat free sponge.

We all have what we think is the perfect recipe for the best cake, sauce etc., and I know I have a few recipes for what is 'my best'. And it's great when I go to someone else's house and taste 'their best' - especially if it's better than mine!

I don't know if this is the best or most perfect fat free sponge, but it is easy, light and versatile. I make this one for a variety of recipes that call for sponge cake - and it makes me feel a little better if it's going into a trifle with lashings of cream as there is no butter in the cake!

A true sponge contains no fat - the eggs and sugar are whisked together until thick and creamy, leaving a trail when the whisk is removed. For a really light sponge use caster sugar (extra fine sugar) instead of granulated sugar. I use a hand held electric mixer and gently fold in the flour with a metal spoon or spatula.

The grandmother of one of my friends once told me that if you weighed the cracked eggs, that would give you the exact weight of the sugar and it would be the same weight for the flour, resulting in a light 'spongy' sponge.

So, I weighed 3 eggs (198g/7oz) into a bowl and whisked lightly.
Then added the same weight in sugar (198g/7oz) and whisked until thick, creamy and almost white in colour.
Then I added the same amount of self-raising flour (198g/7oz), which I folded in with a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
This was baked in a round 9" pan, lined with baking parchment at 350ºF for about 25 minutes.
Then cooled on a wire rack.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Nic. I learned something new in reading this and I gained a lovely fat free recipe! It's win/win all around!

ThreeTastes said...

I'm looking through some of your archives after landing here from WBD, so sorry for the late comments.

Aren't grandmothers (your own or anyone else's) the best sources for recipes and kitchen tips?! I've never had much luck with sponge cakes, but I've bookmarked yours since it has the mark of venerable wisdom! ; P