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Wednesday, 18 April 2007


I am writing to share some of my favourite recipes (and many new ones) with my family and friends. I hope anyone reading this will be encouraged to do the same!

My love of cooking has been influenced by my mother, as I'm sure her love of food, cooking and entertaining came from her mother. Of course, the way I cook is completely different from hers, with shades of a south-western influence, after spending nearly 6 years in Arizona.

Now living in the UK, my household consists of 4 very fussy eaters and the kitchen is often called ‘Nic’s Café’. Although we do all have something in common - our love of chocolate and chiles!
And with that, I’m off to make dinner - quite possibly a ‘choc-chile' pizza!


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Desde mi Atalaya said...

Is nice this plant.
Que bonita que estan tus plantas, ademas que cargadas de frutos.
Se ve que las cuidan con amor.
Un beso.